BENEDICT-MANNIEGEL: International Ballet Academy

Laurel Benedict, a former Primaballerina at Het National Ballet Amsterdam, founded her school in 1991. Her aim is to provide every student with dance education of highest possible quality. While the school started very small, it has now become an established and internationally acclaimed institution for classical and modern dance in Germany where young talents from beginners to graduates are educated in the tradition of the russian Vaganova method.

Many of our students are accepted into state-funded ballet academies (like Munich, Berlin, Leipzig) and continue their education there. In special advanced classes, talented students can prepare for a transfer to a state ballet school. Over the last year, more than six students have successfully passed auditions at various academies (such as Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Akademie des Tanzes Mannheim, Palucca-Schule Dresden and more). Other graduates are in the middle of their professional career on stage (for instance at the theater of Landeshaupstadt Magdeburg and Atlantic Southwest Ballet Company). The world-renowned school has found international acclaim: We are teaching students from all sorts of different countries and cultures, such as Japan, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, and more.

Regular performances on our in-house studio stage as well as theaters in and around Munich are an essential component of the curriculum. They allow students to gain the necessary and invaluable practical experience performing on stage. Moreover, some of our most talented students take part in local, national, and international competitions, at which BBM consistently ranks very high. Thus students can compare their skills and learn to accurately judge their achievements in relation to others.

The school is a member of International Dance Council.

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Laurel Benedict

In Hamburg with John Neumeier